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Update with Paint & Wallpaper!

Posted by juliegamblesmith_tcrz4w on December 8, 2015
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I had the best experience at Waters & Brown in Salem, MA yesterday.  Working with their design consultant, Dawn MacBurnie, she was able to create a flow of color throughout my house that I have never had before.  I can't wait to have it all painted and wallpapered.  She paid attention to all of my concerns, helping paint samplesme to keep rugs and other accessories I wanted while still working within my budget.

I never paid much attention to how one room color blends into another…but I realized, the houses that stand out in my mind, and I see a lot in my business as a Realtor, are the ones that have a consistent flow room to room with a room or two that Pop! I was missing this in my house.  It's not about adding 'stuff' in your room – its about having a color scheme that works- and then you need less 'stuff' for your room to stand out.

We began with my bathroom, we chose a wallpaper that will be inviting and soothing. She helped me select a trim color- which will compliment the paper and help create that Wow factor. I have never been able to select a trim color that I like once it's painted…I always seem to be off a shade.  But Dawn did this will little effort- it was like 2nd nature to her- selecting color is her thing! This paper will also compliment the marble flooring.  The window treatments at Waters & Brown are also unlimited and amazing!  We will wait until the walls are done before selecting- but I can tell you this will be fun! They have so many fabulous styles, fabrics and designs to choose from.

The bathroom color will flow into the hall, which needed a desperate 'lift'! The new color is subtle but warm and will finish off the hallway perfectly.  Once this is complete I may decide to change out the runner to something that pops more..but I will wait to see.

The next room is the living room. Dawn helped to select a color that will complimetnt my current furniture, blend with the other rooms and create another space wthat will be inviting. The room I'm most excited about is my dining room.  We decided on a grass paper with zing for the top and a darker shade for the chair rail and below.  This will accent my detailed workwork while also working with the other colors we've chosen.  And I can keep my beautiful orinetal rug because all the colors work well with eachother.

If you are looking for a change, need to spruce up a room or two- you will be amazed at all the colors, fabrics, wall coverings to choose from- call Dawn MacBurnie at Waters & Brown– I can not recommend her enough!      

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