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Smart Homes Are Adding More Value Everyday

Posted by juliegamblesmith_tcrz4w on December 11, 2015
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Over the past year or so I’ve talked about home technologies a lot. From clean energy, to home batteries instead of standby generators and some sought after smart home tech to attract affluent buyers integrated technologies and real estate have never been closer than they are in today’s marketplace. Technology giant CNET recently released a report that shows us that more and more buyers are finding themselves attracted to smart homes and integrated time saving technologies.

“Smart-home technology is catching on because it is literally changing the way we live in our homes,” says CNET in their recent report “Not only is it shifting the financial perception of the home, but it’s also transforming our emotional connection to our homes. We believe that in three to five years, home buyers will expect smart-home technology — it will become the new norm.”

The report continues on to say that nearly over eighty percent of smart homeowners say the technology makes their substantially easier, and more than half say it saves them time (an average of nearly 30 minutes per day). Nearly fifty percent report that, on average, they’ve saved more than $1,000 a year with smart-home technology through smart thermostats and automated lighting.

Parents with children under 18 are nearly twice as likely to purchase or seek out homes with integrated smart home products, with security being the single most important issue. Among all respondents, sixty percent of parents say they’d be willing to pay more for a home equipped with smart products compared to forty percent of respondents without children.

The report continues on to say that almost eighty percent of those with smart-home products say they control them via a mobile device. Fifty percent say the living room is the most common place for smart-home technology, followed by the bedroom at forty-five percent and kitchen at thirty percent.

“Today’s buyers are expecting smart home technology. It’s no longer just an add-in,” says CNET “I’m seeing first-hand how home buyers are requesting and favoring homes with smart features, such as automated lighting and temperature control. Smart-home technology is also influencing the home selling process. In addition to decluttering a home, sellers are upgrading to smart-home technology to attract modern buyers. Consumers are truly seeing the convenience and benefits of these products, understanding how smart-home technology makes the home more comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient.”

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