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How to Add More Spice to Your Kitchen

Posted by juliegamblesmith_tcrz4w on April 15, 2016
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Is your kitchen in need of some minor adjustments to make it more inviting? Perhaps the materials are not inspiring enough for the inner chef in you. Or maybe the colors are not warm enough to be inviting for your dinner guests to relax and enjoy. Here are some relatively easy to do suggestions that can help transform your home’s most valuable room into a chef’s masterpiece.

Natural finishes – Create a balance to all of the smooth or sleek finishes in your kitchen. True, sleek and shiny metal finishes and the like are modern looking and can be easy to clean, but they can often be unwelcoming and cold. Consider working some natural materials into the mix.lA wooden table or accents like a woven basket or collection of wooden spoons and cutting boards on display are some great options. Softening the atmosphere can appeal to the warmer emotions.

Add warmth with color – Just like any other room in the house, the right color is vital for creating the mood. As a kitchen is one of the most important focal points, choosing the right color finishes everything off. White, green and yellow are identified by feng shui experts as among the best for kitchens. White represents cleanliness while green is a symbol for plant life being thought of as nourishing and calm. Yellow is a nod to the sun being uplifting and cheery. Be mindful of your choice of yellow as to keep it still soft and not too bold or commercialized feeling.

Soften with fabric – Fabrics can be a great tool for bringing in colors, patterns or textures. Consider an interesting fabric for the backing of dining chairs or breakfast bar stools. Other ideas include window treatments or even the display of matching dish towels that tie in your color scheme.

Dull the edges – Keep sharp edges for the knives in your drawer. One way to make your kitchen more inviting is to steer clear of the sharp angles. Swap out that dining table for a round one with curved edge seating. Round bar stools can also be more welcoming rather than ones with harsh squared off edges.

The art of calm – One of the finishing touches that is easy to add would be selecting the right art to compliment your kitchen’s decor. Framed posters, prints or another piece of art can add a warming effect. For kitchen shelving, pottery collections can also add an interesting touch while continuing on your color theme.

Add spice, literally – Herbs that are grown in your kitchen add pretty scenery, purify the air and provide great function by being at your fingertips for cooking. If you are tight on space on your windowsill, use an inset glass shelf to make room for the greenery.

Add some fun – Take the seriousness down a level for your kitchen and introduce some fun where you can. Refrigerator magnets can be fun with repurposed Scrabble letters or paint a feature wall with chalkboard paint for either a staged message or a function of communication.

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