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How to Prepare Your Home for an Open House

Posted by juliegamblesmith_tcrz4w on March 25, 2018
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Selling your home is a momentous decision, but the process of opening up your home can itself seem quite daunting. Though an agent may run the open house, there is much you can do beforehand. Preparing and staging your home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Make Your Exterior Shine

The first thing we see after a day at work is our front porch. It’s easy to take it for granted, but your home’s exterior can be a deciding factor in whether or not you attract buyer interest. Creating “curb appeal” is crucial for holding a successful open house. Your yard will benefit most from this. Trim hedges and keep grass looking immaculate. Consider adding flowerpots to bring out the vibrancy of a well-maintained yard. You might add solar fixtures to appeal to the environmentally-conscious, while additional lighting along your walkways may further help your home stand out. If you could do with a new coat of paint, or your driveway is cracked, fix it beforehand. Finally, don’t forget to polish any doorknobs, or replace your mailbox if it’s well-worn.

Brighten Up Your Interior

Light can be transformative. It can turn a drab room into an open, inviting space. Having open curtains alone can go a long way to bringing in light. For extra effect, make extensive use of warm electrical lighting, and replace wall decorations with mirrors to maximize your home’s dazzle. Overhead lamps can be intrusive, so focus more on adding additional table lamps wherever possible. High-intensity floor lamps, directed at ceilings and located in corners, can also be advantageous in creating an engaging presentation. Using light effectively can help give your interior a modern, clean look that can provide rooms with an entirely new feel to them and leave prospective buyers truly impressed.

Give Your Rooms Neutrality

It’s time to give your home a spring clean. Our homes are the place where we live, but potential buyers want to feel as if they are looking at a blank slate on which to project their vision. Adopt a neutral, de-personalized aesthetic as the perfect way to stage your house. De-clutter, empty garbage cans, and clean meticulously. Just as you want your rooms to be free of dust and fingerprints, you also want to remove personal effects. From photographs to personal items in your bathroom, they identify the house as your home. This also includes clothing, so minimize their presence in wardrobes. If you have large furniture, consider removing a few pieces to add extra space. Odors, too, can interfere with that blank slate impression, so freshen with scents accordingly.

Update and Repair

This doesn’t have to break the bank. A few fixes can go a long way. Fixtures and fittings are a good start. If you have knobs and faucets that have seen better days, replacing them can give rooms a modern perspective. Fresh coats of paint can be beneficial too. Consider removing carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to pick up unflattering wear and tear. Many buyers will also prefer hardwood floors. If you already have wooden floors, consider covering up any scratches with new area rugs. Lastly, if you have any outstanding repairs, do them before the open house. Buyers will be on the lookout, and finding something broken or in disrepair can end their interest.

Staging an open house takes a lot of effort and preparation. But the impact a successful open house can have on potential buyers can be decisive in whether or not a sale is made. By giving your home a fresh perspective, one that is modern, bright, and open, you can leave a truly lasting impression.

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