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Greasy Pole, Oysters & Rainbow Sandals

Posted by juliegamblesmith_tcrz4w on June 19, 2018
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Greasy Pole- St Peter’s Fiesta 
Every summer since 1927, the Italian fishing community of Gloucester, MA celebrates St. Peter with a festival, marking the passage of both a year of protection & survival at sea. One of the festival events is the Greasy Pole and it’s one of my favorite summer activities!  The photo shows the party around the Greasy Pole, with spectators cheering on the runners as they try to cross a grease laden 200′ pole to grab the flag at the end.  The 1st to grab the flag wins. It’s a fun filled afternoon with lots of laughs as everyone cheers- ‘Viva San Pedro!’
When: June 29th, 30th & July 1st
Where: Gloucester Harbor

I can’t get enough of these delicious sea creatures- and I like them best with a dab of horseradish and cocktail sauce.  We are lucky to live on Cape Ann where they varieties are plentiful and they are offered on menus throughout the area. Many restaurants offer $1 specials throughout the week! Check out the chart below to find out where/when those specials are available-


Rainbow Sandals
These sandals look good, feel great, and don’t wear out. They are created by hand, use specially formulated glue to keep the layers together & straps in place and they also use various densities of sponge rubber with “memory” to mold to everyone’s’ feet- so they are very comfortable!  There are many styles and colors to choose from for both Men & Women. Just in time for summer!
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